HANGOVER DIVISION is a bunch of easy rider musicians that blasts out energetic Rock’n’Blues, no strings attached.

HD hit the road as an acoustic duo. Along the way, other like-spirited musicians joined the band. Now HD rides as a 4-piece squad.

The debut album is scheduled for release in 2021.

Goran Pavlovic is a singer and guitar player, born and raised in Bosnia. Growing up stretched between metal, rock and blues. He played in dozens of bands, moved to Vienna and started studying jazz guitar. Throughout this time, his experience on stage, in a recording studio, at jam sessions, he finds his own sound and polishes specific vocal colour with a wide variety of styles. Goran takes influences by Lemmy, Hetfield, Tom Waits, SRV Billy Gibbons, that shaped his musical persona.

Aleksandro Alcantara Mulaosmanovic is one of the rare drum machines, of Bosnian and Mexican origins, made in 1990. Started his music career as a bassist at the age 12m playing with punk and metal bands. By the age of 15 took the job as a drummer and since then have not let his sticks down. Through his whole drum journey until this day, he covered and studied all music genres, from traditional music until turbo-folk ( which is a style he does not recommend to anyone). He has recorded over 30 studio recordings for punk and metal bands, toured Europe 2 times, finished a jazz academy but never let Rock and Roll down!

JR is a British bassist of Serbian origin who grew up between two worlds: his family’s deep ties to folk music and the years he spent soaking up Funk, Soul, Rock and Jazz Fusion music on the West London music scene.  His versatility as an instrumentalist and a vast range of styles in his toolbox, years spent as a session, studio bass player/guitarist, recording/mastering engineer and a qualified luthier/guitar tech have landed him in the spotlight in the UK, working for Britannia Row Studios, Petworth Sounds Studios, recording bass and guitar on countless TV and movie projects for BBC, ITV including The Fifth Gear, several James Bond movie soundtracks etc. He played with bands like Mistral Pusher Italian jazz, Weather Report UK Tribute Band also for solo artists including Andrew Morris, Emma Bunton, Les Binks, collaborating with Mike Terrana, Marco Mendoza, Leburn Maddox, Alix Anthony just to name a few.

Born in 1993 in Bogota, Colombia, Bernardo Paley has been moving around the Viennese underground scene since 2012. As a sax player, he’s been part of multiple Funk and Latin bands, and as a synthesist and keyboardist, he works with different projects, some focusing on modern experimental music, and others on good ol’ Rock sub-genres. Bernardo began by learning to play the guitar when he was 13, later switching it up to the saxophone and finally, some years later, on to the keys. Since then, he’s been very interested in sound exploration focusing heavily on experimental production and composition since 2018. His varied influences, – that range from modern Prog-Rock such as King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard or the classic Pink Floyd, to the experimental Pop of Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors, all the way to electronic experimental production of Xiu Xiu and SOPHIE – have allowed him to shape his own musical language.